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a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets

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Now Hugh, who also starred in this summer's British hit Notting Hill, wants to pen a screen play of his own.
Milford's best chance came in the waning moments of the first half, but the Scarlet Hawks fell inches short of the goal line on a fourth-down screen play.
Aamir Khan who is also successful as a producer, director and screen play writer has received many awards for his excellence in the field.
TOM Wilkinson and Rhys Ifans star in Caryl Churchill's gripping screen play which examines the idea of cloning.
When is the book, the screen play, the movie, the video and the DVD coming out?
Of the less sexy major categories, The Thin Red Line should walk away with Best Adapted Screen Play and deservedly so.
Any time the Tailback Counter Trap and the Waggle Pass are successful during a game, the Halfback Waggle Screen play can develop into a big play.
"This book has the screen play of the film and it is written very well and I enjoyed reading it," said Sanjay Dutt.
But the unstaged-reading format makes this neat little package so efficient to stage and cheap to produce, "Screen Play" could be tossed in a suitcase and assembled as needed, wherever demoralized Democrats gather to contemplate dark deeds of Jacobean revenge.
London, Jun 20 (ANI): The shooting of Brazilian national Jean Charles de Menezes by the police on a Tube train at Stockwell station has now been adapted into a screen play by a London fringe theatre.
Tale of a fashion model and taciturn stranger lacks a strong enough final twist to totally satisfy but deserves some fest exposure and specialized small screen play in hour slots.
He also wrote the script for the screen play of the film 24-hour Party People, which is currently showing at cinemas.
Microsoft will launch its controllerfree Kinect for the Xbox 360 on November 10, with gamers using their body to interact with screen play.
The 29-year-old Welsh rocker met Sean during the band's American tour last month - and passed his first screen play on to him.