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Synonyms for cheating

a deception for profit to yourself

not faithful to a spouse or lover

Related Words

violating accepted standards or rules

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YOU'LL know them better as Fran and Tommy in gritty RTE crime drama Love/Hate but Peter Coonan and Killian Scott are about to appear on screen looking very different.
It takes the hit, so your iDevice doesn't have to, keeping your screen looking like new.
To do this we will perform a genetic screen looking for external modification of the gain of function phenotype of the small GTPase Racl (in which polarity is affected).
This November moviegoers will have the opportunity to watch Sean Penn, larger than life, walk across the screen looking like a middle aged Hot Topic patron, (http://insidemovies.
Thanks to some astounding camera work we get to see some tiny little insects, blown up on screen looking alarmingly alien like with iridescent armour plating and with unwieldy mating and maiming attachments.