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a native or resident of Liverpool

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We shared a list of some of your suggestionsfor the outdated and offensive stereotypes that Scousers are sick of hearing.
While the back of the Celebrity Scousers card says: "Identify all the characters overleaf and win a credit crunch candlelit fish supper with the artist (mushy peas not included)!" But Bernie, from Princes Park, isn't expecting anyone to correctly name all the 130 or so individuals, saying: "Some of the people on the postcard are pretty obscure."
She said to him: "Don't know what your problem is with Scousers."
He said: "Don't remember saying no because you were Scousers, didn't even know you were, I simply ran off, because you all started screaming from a beer garden."
The audition audience erupted into laughter when the new judge thought a hopeful from Scotland was a Scouser.
These offended Scousers should adopt a Scottish sense of humour.
"Variety is a style of entertainment often said to be out of date, but Scousers on the Rampage promises to dispel this myth," said director Sylvie Gatrill.
Bet365 - number of red cards in Merseyside derby: 2-5 none, 11-4 one, 6 two or more; S Gerrard/P Neville specials: 5-6 either player booked, 9 either player sent off; number of Premier League red cards this weekend: 2 two, three or more, 9-4 one, 5 none; Scouser (Gerrard, Carragher,
In trying to win pounds 20 million in lottery funding for a new theatre, the Scousers are claiming that the Bard spent his formative years in Liverpool.
The Nation's Favourite Scousers: Rooney; Heidi Range; Lennon;Harrison; John Peel; Cilla Black; Ricky Tomlinson; Lily Savage; Ken Dodd; Jimmy Tarbuck; Steven Gerrard.
Poor old Kev was only doing what every after-dinner comic I've ever heard has always done - take the mickey out of Scousers, and lots of others besides, of course.
LIVERPOOL is launching a pounds 250,000 ad campaign to explode the violent, thieving image of Scousers made famous by Harry Enfield.
Our love (and need) for food is something which practically everyone has in common so it's not surprising so many scousers are very protective over the places and dishes they love to eat.
A DAD-OF-THREE who was targeted by racist vandals has been overwhelmed by support from fellow Scousers.