Scourge of God

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Stephen Greenblatt implies Marlowe's critique of religion in general when he says of this scene, "The effect is not to celebrate the transcendent power of Mohammed but to challenge the habit of mind that looks to heaven for rewards and punishments, that imagines human evil as 'the scourge of God.
51-61), but soon enough Tamburlaine turns from the scourge of god to greater than god.
Villains, these terrors and these tyrannies (If tyrannies war's justice ye repute) I execute, enjoined me from above, To scourge the pride of such as Heaven abhors-- Nor am I made arch-monarch of the world, Crowned and invested by the hand of Jove, For deeds of bounty or nobility: But since I exercise a greater name, The scourge of God and terror of the world, I must apply myself in those terms, In war, in blood, in death, in cruelty.
Nicknamed The Scourge Of God by the Romans whom he terrorised, he was a great warrior who, this programme claims, was part genius and part psychopath.
On the basis of Christopher Marlowe's "Tamburlaine, the Scourge of God, must die" (Tamburlaine the Great, part 2, 5.
Once such an equation is effectively made, society becomes a congeries of plots and counterplots, and the main role of government changes from that of the arbiter to that of the scourge of God.
The scourge of God," exclaimed a monk, shaking with ague.
Also known as the Scourge of God, he killed his brother, and some believe he ate his own sons.