Scottish deerhound

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very large and tall rough-coated dog bred for hunting deer


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They are lighter in weight than Russian Borzoi (Russia), Irish Wolfhound (Ireland), Chart Polski (Poland), Galgo Espanol (Spain), English Greyhound (UK), Magyar Agar (Hungary), Scottish Deerhound (UK), Sloughi (North Africa), and Turkish Tazi (Turkey).
Volunteers from the charity held a four-day street collection from January 25 to 28 with the help of Shaggy, a huge Scottish Deerhound, and Sixer, a tiny Yorkie, in the centre of Newcastle.
The other day, Shona, our Scottish deerhound, ate one of my home- made lasagnes.
Since hunting down Bambi has been banned and hare-coursing may soon be, the Scottish deerhound may die of boredom.
The dogfight was Scottish deerhound versus Doberman - Dewar long- nosed and aloof, Salmond lunging for the throat.
That's because we've also heard stories from people like Christie Keith, a Scottish Deerhound breeder and longtime advocate of raw diets and holistic healthcare for dogs.
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