Scottish Highlander

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a native of the Highlands of Scotland

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When Hulcy commuted to the Antelope Valley Probation field office from his home in the Wrightwood-Pinon Hills area back in 1985, he looked like a Scottish Highlander.
Nothing nowadays escapes the Internet and if a remote Papuan head-hunter should happen to offer his antique tribal carvings tomorrow, you can bet that by Monday a Scottish Highlander will be able to give you complete details of the collection.
The picked-over carcass of a 3-month-old kill, a mature Scottish Highlander cross, lies abandoned less than a mile from the family's two-story frame house.
The burly Scot insisted he was the last Scottish Highlander as he threatened police and passers- by with the weapon.
By 1800 the Creek Nation, for 100 years, had allowed trade-based marriages between Creek women and Scottish highlanders, Spaniards and French traders.
Take a journey through 200 years of Highland history and see how Scottish Highlanders lived, how they built their homes, how they worked the land and how they dressed.
In preparing themselves for emigration, the Scottish Highlanders had one great asset--education.
In his own study Frost compares the lot of Polish peasants and Scottish Highlanders.
Among the topics are the branch societies of the Highland Society of London, Scottish Gaelic in Argentina, Scottish Highlanders and First Nations, Hugh MacDiarmid and Sorley MacLean as correspondents and collaborators, media ecology for the Gaidhealtachd, the role of new media in Scotland's Gaelic digital service, and an introduction to Manx Gaelic.
Nonetheless, Calloway's discussion of the parallel and divergent colonial experiences of Indians and Scottish Highlanders and his treatment of the two peoples' many encounters in North America will be appreciated by anyone interested in empires and native peoples.
Where Waverley concluded by simultaneously relegating the Scottish Highlanders to the dustbin of history and converting their distinct culture into the generalized signs of a British ethos, Rob Roy takes a more complicated view of the relations between past and present.
Lawrence River, it retraced in reverse the route that Sir John Johnson and his band of Scottish Highlanders took to flee to Canada in 1775 from Johnson Hall through the Adirondacks to St.
The Boston Scottish Highlanders Pipe Band was organized in April 1936.
A legendary figure, Macdonell secured work for many of his destitute Scottish Highlanders in the mills of Glasgow, raised a regiment of "Glengarry Fencibles" to fight in the Napoleonic Wars and acted as its chaplain, secured the grant of a tract of land in Glengarry County, Upper Canada when the regiment disbanded, and brought many of his former soldiers and others as immigrants to the new world.
Why, for that matter, did Jess Goldstein dress the chorus, portraying Scottish highlanders, as though they were living in the Wild West?
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