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medium large two-needled pine of northern Europe and Asia having flaking red-brown bark

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Browsing by moose over time can reduce biomass production in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), downy birch (Betula pubescens), and silver birch (B.
The present study deals with above- and belowground biomass allocation, as well as with the leaf and root characteristics of young black alder, silver birch and Scots pine plantations on reclaimed oil shale mining areas.
We're absolutely thrilled if a little surprised to have the UK's tallest Scots pine," he said.
Our image around the world could be enhanced by the photogenic Scots pine, with its beautiful red bark and distinctive shape.
In areas alkalized by cement dust a decrease in the length of needles and shoots, radial increment, and height growth of Scots pine has been reported (Rauk, 1995; Parn, 2002).
Swedish and Finnish Scots pines may represent divergent evolutionary lines spatially separated by the Baltic Sea with restricted gene flow between them and potential differences in the selective environments (including parasite genetic properties).
There are dragon pines from Japan and Scots pines from Europe, cypress from Central America, larches from Siberia, dawn redwoods from central China.
The high July temperature probably favours evapotranspiration and therefore the growth of trees, as observed for the Scots pines growing on alluvial terraces along Alpine rivers (Polacek et al.
Eilean Shona already has 200 acres of Bhutanese pines, Redwoods, Scots pines and Yellowwoods.
WINNING WAYS Five Star Junior has proved a bargain buy for the Linda Stubbs yard and the 5-4 favourite rattled off a four-timer for his new connections in the Scots Pines Handicap at Lingfield yesterday.
They include a dark navy blue signifying the River Tweed, which flows through the Borders, and fir green representing Scots Pines.
They strip bark from trees such as beeches, oaks, poplars and Scots pines.
The growth of shore pines is satisfactory on the plantations established in 1996 and in 1998 on the Narva mine (sample plots 16 and 17) but are still surpassed by local Scots pines.
Growth response of young Scots pines to artificial stem breakage simulating moose damage.