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the Gaelic of Scotland

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However the pair were victorious, although the win was made easier by the departure of Scots Gaelic at the last.
Such agreements have now been signed for the UK's Welsh and Scots Gaelic as well as Spain's Catalan, Basque and Galician.
Moreover, students reject appeals to the historical overlap between Irish and Scots Gaelic as a basis for teaching the latter as a substitute; these teenagers see themselves as British and Irish, but not Scottish.
ACROSS in Hall 2 on Sunday night, the altogether less strident tones of Scots Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis will be in evidence.
For unexplained reasons, Quintus can speak Pictish (per press notes, subtitled dialogue for these scenes is actually Scots Gaelic, since little is known about the real Pictish language), so he's taken prisoner instead of slain.
Nor does Scots Gaelic appear a plausible source for the terra, despite later Scots usage.
The 10th-century gospel book is of interest as a treasure of Celtic Scotland, but also of historical importance because it was used during the early 12th century to record grants in Scots Gaelic to the monastery of Deer in Aberdeenshire.
Unlike the Welsh language, which has undergone a gradual but undisputed sea change in public attitudes in the last 50 years, Scots Gaelic has remained in decline - the last census showed just 60,000 speakers in all Scotland.
Scots Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, a very impressive support act to Beth Nielsen Chapman at Birmingham Town Hall recently, is nominated for the second successive year for Folk Singer of the Year.
Probably the greatest contribution Irish and Scots Gaelic have made to English is the word 'whisky'.
There will be Presbyterian ministers, Scots Gaelic singers and Gaelic language enthusiasts coming from Derry and Edinburgh.
The word is both Irish and Scots Gaelic for "Son of" and whether you spell your name MacLean or McLean is a question of personal choice.
Long before the Romantic melancholia took possession of English and Scots literature, Scots Gaelic was suffused with a deep sadness and longing for the bygone time.