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Segmentation by product and analysis of the global scotch whiskey market
Geographical segmentation and analysis of the global scotch whiskey market
The global scotch whiskey market is dominated by Europe, which had a market share of 34% during 2014.
While the majority of whiskeys on the market are diluted with small amounts of filtered water to reduce their alcoholic content and mellow their intensity, Laphroaig's 10 Year Cask Strength single malt scotch whiskey is bottled straight from the barrel.
Talisker, another single malt scotch whiskey producer from Scotland's Hebridean Islands, holds the distinction of being the sole operating distillery on the Isle of Skye.
The canned Scotch whiskey is imported by Scottish Spirits Imports, Inc.
The full Scotch whiskey product line consists of 18 Scotch whisky brands bottled in 180 ml, 750 ml and litre at 43% volumes.
He further attributed, "The budget priced scotch whiskeys have record of success in the Latin American marketplace so I know they will be popular here.