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hard-cooked egg encased in sausage meat then breaded and deep-fried

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No wonder it's on the list of London's best Scotch Eggs.
The Scotch egg was delicious, a fine-dining treat in another league to your supermarket alternative.
That tells you one thing, a Scotch egg is better made and eaten fresh, by hand, and today's recipe is just that.
Deny thy breadcrumbs and refuse thy sausage meat; or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I'll no longer be a scotch egg eater.
Tis but thy snack that is my enemy; thou art thyself, though not a scotch egg eater no more.
Indian scotch egg starter: But the star prize goes to the Indian scotch egg.
But even she wasn't prepared for the deluge of interest when she unveiled her chocolate Scotch egg.
com)-- Tulsa will crown its Scotch Egg Eating Champion on Saturday, August 11 when Baker Street Pub & Grill (6620 South Memorial Drive) hosts its first-ever Scotch Egg eating contest and silent auction.
Summary: Keith Lemon revealed he would like to be a "scotch egg" superhero and described this as someone "who can throw scotch eggs at people".
London, November 11 (ANI): The humble Scotch egg is the most loved snack served in British bars, says a poll.
For his rendition, the Raintree Group's corporate chef Kalel Chan cranks up the essence and aroma of catfish by transforming the usual hard-boiled egg into a Scotch egg.
To put that into context: |A rasher of back bacon weighs around 25g |A standard scotch egg is 31g | |A large grilled sausageis 40g |A large doner kebab weighs 130g |A Sunday roast dinner with three thin slices of beef, pork or lamb is 90g Why not try some healthy alternatives instead?