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Later, I served under the Warden of Berwick, that very John Copeland of whom our friend spake, the same who held the King of Scots to ransom.
I have heard that the Scots are good men of war," said Hordle John.
One of the Scots merchants of Moscow happened to be amongst us; and as soon as he heard the horn, he told us that we had nothing to do but to charge them without loss of time; and drawing us up in a line, he asked if we were resolved.
John Anderson, My Jo'; reflective sentiment; feeling for nature; sympathy with animals; vigorous patriotism, as in 'Scots Wha Hae' (and Burns did much to revive the feeling of Scots for Scotland); deep tragedy and pathos; instinctive happiness; delightful humor; and the others.
Many of Burns' poems are in the Lowland Scots dialect; a few are wholly in ordinary English; and some combine the two idioms.
Scot jumped at the chance to enrol for the UK Screen Acting Academy when it was launched three years ago.
Scot, 52, died on Monday afternoon when he plunged four storeys from a window at the [euro]4million London penthouse he shared with fiancee Noelle Reno, 30, and was impaled on railings below.
Prior to attaining his degree in Respiratory Care, Scot earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and subsequently attained over 15 years of management experience in the role of Human Resource Director.
Not only do Owen and Sammy (their pugs) catch some Zs inside, said Scot, "We use them as nightstands.
According to Scot Uhrig, All Recycling started in 1992 as a nonferrous recycling facility, but soon added ferrous scrap recycling capabilities in order to provide a full range of services to customers.
Enlightenment Scots can be blamed for everything from modern economics through bank architecture to country music.
The Company was informed by Royal Scot that it sought the extensions in order to complete negotiations with potential lenders for financing that would enable Royal Scot to continue its discussions with AROC.
Don: Scot, which practitioner issues have you been seeing?
Scot will discuss ChannelAdvisor's multi-channel strategy and provide a perspective on how sellers transition from using eBay as their primary selling platform to developing their own Web sites and generating traffic using search marketing and other online channels.
A young man who laid a bunch of flowers outside the Marylebone flat described Scot as his "business mentor.