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Synonyms for scope

Synonyms for scope

the extent of one's perception, understanding, knowledge, or vision

the ability or power to seize or attain

suitable opportunity to accept or allow something

an area within which something or someone exists, acts, or has influence or power

Synonyms for scope

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Among others they are characterized by having narrow foveae and unusually short hairs of the scopa.
The position of the scopa on the outer and anterior face of the tibiae and basitarsi and the simple and sparse setae of C.
The utilization of unregulated workers as part of the patient care delivery team emerged in the 1980s initially as a result of the nursing shortage (Abts, Hofer, & Leafgreen, 1994; Adams & Rentfro, 1991; Adams-Ender & Hudock, 1989; Barter, McLaughlin, & Thomas, 1994; Capuano & Kinneman, 1989; Donovan, Slack, Robertson, & Andreoli, 1988; Hayes, 1992; Kalanek, 1992; Kirby & Garfink, 1991; Manthey, 1989; Slack, Gallagher, & Scopa, 1988) and in an attempt to increase the efficiency and decrease the costs of nursing care delivery, in the United States (Barter et al.
I assigned the pollen amounts to five classes ranging from 5 = full load to 1 = scopa one-fifth filled.
Any practice of striking the passing runners would have evoked an unmistakable association with the standard criminal punishment known as la scopa, or "running the town.
Scopa has made three attempts to date to invite the IMC to brief it on the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) and South African Post Office (Sapo) payments of social grants to no avail.
8) di A una madre (33) del 1948; nel 1943, dal Gelsomino notturno (Pascoli, 1997c: 269) discende "La casa dormiva / con qualche panno in faccia alla finestra / con qualche scopa appesa ad un balcone" (vv.
Reuter et ADAS - Cog SCOPA - No detailed statistics, all al.
The tenant was represented by Paul Spiegel, of Scopa CRE.
Back in town, you'll find great housemade pasta at Scopa ($$; 109 A Plaza St.
Italian card games--briscola, scopa, tre sette (a simplified form of bridge the most popular game with my father's friends).
DeLonghi has introduced another Scopa lightweight model, the EB750EX.
In quanto mito d'identificazione collettiva e simbolo dell'identita individuale, (2) Pulcinella e il guardiano della casa e della bottega: (3) capita frequentemente di ritrovarlo ancora oggi nelle dimore popolari di Napoli (ma anche, sia pure con minore frequenza, in quelle della borghesia), statuina di gobbo portafortuna, con in mano--chiari simboli scaramantici--la scopa o il corno o il ferro di cavallo, e spesso in atto di "fare le corna" con l'altra mano.
The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) has instructed the Board of the State Information Technology Agency (Sita) to report back to Scopa within 14 days on the process of cancelling the Forensic Data Analysts (FDA) contract.
L to R) Paul Spiegel of Scopa CRE; Helen Hwang of Cushman & Wakefield; Marion Jones of Eastern Consolidated; David A.