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Roman general who commanded the invasion of Carthage in the second Punic War and defeated Hannibal at Zama (circa 237-183 BC)

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Pyncheon had been impatiently awaiting Maule's arrival, black Scipio, of course, lost no time in ushering the carpenter into his master's presence.
On the entrance of Scipio, ushering in the carpenter, Mr.
Liddell Hart awarded the highest possible marks to Scipio Africanus, placing him, as a strategist and tactician, above Alexander, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and all other military commanders, and staking out the additional claim that he was a man of the highest personal character.
When the Romans seize Hasdrubal's harem, Scipio takes the finest woman to his own quarters.
More was very familiar with Cicero's Republic and The Dream of Scipio, and there are over fifty possible references and allusions to Cicero in More's Utopia.
But then a Roman general, Scipio, developed a brilliant plan to strike the enemy at its own home, draw his enemy out of Italy, and bring about the decisive confrontation on North African soil.
They include the host Scipio (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Aemilianus, the general who destroyed Carthage, an opponent of the Gracchi's populist program to redistribute property, and a friend of the historian Polybius and the Stoic philosopher Panaetius), and several of Scipio's friends, including Laelius (Gaius Laelius, Scipio's former military subordinate, a former consul and another opponent of the Gracchi, who combined an interest in philosophy with a practical cast of mind), Philus (Lucius Furius Philus, another former consul with philosophical interests), Tubero (Quintus Aelius Tubero, Scipio's nephew, who was a Stoic philosopher), and Rufus (Publius Rutilius Rufus, a jurist and Stoic, who is the ostensible narrator).
Scipio Craig, an ex-school teacher in San Bernardino and the editor of Redlands Citrograph, briefly flirted with a revived "Americanism" and Know-Nothingism in 1889.
With both tourists and business travelers flocking to Yangon, the country's commercial capital, hotels are close to full occupancy, compared with an estimated 30 per cent two years ago, according to Scipio Services Co, a real estate advisory company in the city.
ORIGINAL DESIGN Dikkie Scipio from Claus en Kn explained how she and her colleagues Kees Kn and Vincent Panhuysen approached this project.
Last week, on behalf of their client, December Construction Company (DCC), Myanmar Deals Leasing and Scipio Services, two Yangon-based real estate agencies, invited companies to apply for a tender to design, build, finance and operate what is set to be Myanmar's tallest tower.
The Roman general, Scipio Africanus, counter-attacked and defeated Hannibal in the third Punic War at Zama, then paid for, and enlisted the horsemen.
The teacher thought he was covering up mere forgetfulness with this classic ruse but the following day he produced a copy of Handel's March from Scipio completely obscured by regurgitated Whiskas.