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a reptile genus of Scincidae

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In this study, we obtained the partial sequence of an Hsp70 homolog from Takydromus and analyzed Hsp70 expression in Takydromus sexlineatus, Takydromus wolteri, Takydromus septentrionalis and three other species, Plestiodon chinensis, Sphenomorphus indicus, and Scincella modesta.
Cinco especies estan consideradas como endemicas de Mexico: Pseudoeurycea lineola, Micrurus diastema, Scincella silvicola, Drymarchon melanurus orizabensis y Drymobius margaritiferus margaritiferus, de las cuales, tres estan consideradas como endemicas de Veracruz (de dos solo las subespecies se consideran endemicas a Veracruz): Pseudoeurycea lineola, Drymarchon melanurus orizabensis y Drymobius margaritiferus margaritiferus.
Watson (2004) indicated that these resource deficits affect the recovery of Scincella lateralis, a small skink that directly depends on both leaf litter and associated invertebrate fauna.
Only ground skinks, Scincella lateralis, and Texas brown snakes, Storeria dekayi, were more common in oil pump plots.
opacum (marbled salamander) Northerly Siren intermedia (lesser siren) Northerly Hyla cinerea (green tree frog) Northerly Scaphiopus holbrookii (eastern spadefoot) Northerly Apalone spinifera pallida (pallid spiny softshell) * Northerly Pseudemys concinna (river cooter) ** Northerly Terrapene carolina (eastern box turtle) Northerly Scincella lateralis (ground skink) Northerly Lampropeltis calligaster (prairie kingsnake) Northerly L.
(1990) investigated similar effects in the lizard Scincella lateralis with differences in sprint speed related to tail autotomy.
laticeps (Schneider), broad- C, S headed skink Scincella lateralis (Say), ground skink S Family Colubridae (common snakes) Carphophis amoenus (Say), worm snake S Cemophora coccinea (Blumenbach), scarlet S snake Coluber constrictor Linnaeus, black racer I Clonophis kirtlandii (Kennicott), N, C, SE Kirtland's snake Diadophis punctatus (Linnaeus), S northern ringneck snake Elaphe obsoleta (Say), black rat snake I E.
variabilis includes the five genera of anurans, Bufo, Gastrophryne, Hyla, Pseudacris, Rana, two genera of Caudata, Ambystoma, Notophthalmus; two genera of lizards, Scincella, Ophisaurus; three of snakes, Heterodon, Micrurus, Storeria; and one of tortoises, Terrapene (Baker 1987).
Further indications that the rain has settled in for a period of chay kund are the loud croaking of duwduw (Xenobatrachus sp.) and kinjabuwl (Litoria iris) frogs, together with the increased chatter of kuwntok skinks (Scincella elegantoides).
22 11.06 0.28 Plethodon 9 4.52 0.11 glutinosus Eurycea 1 0.50 0.01 bislineata Notophthalmus 5 2.51 0.06 uiridescens Reptilia Anolis 75 59.52 0.94 caroiinensis Sceloporus 8 6.35 0.10 undulatus Eumeces laticeps 3 2.38 0.04 Eumeces 6 4.76 0.08 inexpectatus Eumeces 8 6.35 0.10 fasciatus Scincella 5 3.97 0.06 lateralis Coluber 9 7.14 0.11 constrictor Elapbe obsolete 2 1.59 0.03 Carphophis 2 1.59 0.03 amoenus Diadophis 1 0.79 0.01 punctatus Storeria dekayi 2 1.59 0.03 Agkistrodon 3 2.38 0.04 contortrix Pseudemys 1 0.79 0.01 concinna Terrapene 1 0.79 0.01 Carolina Mammalia Blarina 14 45.16 0.18 carolinensis Sorex 1 3.23 0.01 longirostris Microtus 1 3.23 0.01 pinetorum Peromyscus sp.
Two of the lizards, the green anole Anolis carolinensis and eastern fence lizard tended to be arboreal species and the other, the little brown skink Scincella lateralis, was terrestrial.
Most Ground skink (Scincella lateralis) captures occurred between March and May.
Four lizard species were encountered, with Scincella lateralis representing 50% (15 of 30) of all lizard records.
laticeps (6), Sceloporus undulatus (1), Scincella lateralis (36) Turtles Chelydra serpentina (22), Deirochelys reticularia (11), Kinosternon baurii (4), K.