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a new religion founded by L

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More than just a religion, Scientology has a focus on several humanitarian issues including spearheading and sponsoring of the biggest anti-drug programs in the world.
The documents it forged were so convincing that she was indicted in 1973 and was fully exonerated only when the FBI, acting on a tip, raided Scientology offices and discovered the plot against her in 1977.
Scientology is the means of ridding the body and mind of those spirits to become "clear.
Graeme Wilson, spokesman for the Church of Scientology in the UK, said the Church of Scientology still have plans for the building.
Scientology officials insist that Narconon is a secular program, but as far as the IRS is concerned, Scientology is a religion.
Scientology, which in the US counts on numerous celebrity followers such as actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, was brought to court by five former followers, who alleged they were lured into spending tens of thousands euros on bogus items or cures in the 1990s.
She added: "I think celebrities are more inclined to be egocentric and Scientology caters for that - you're your own God.
Yet he also leaves us with a grudging admiration for Hubbard--albeit with the understanding that Scientology is nothing less than a small-time organization aggrandized through celebrity money.
As it turned out, Scientology had Hill in its crosshairs long before 1983.
While the pair and their lawyers have remained quiet about the reasons for the high-profile split, speculation in the media is that six-year-old Suri and the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a key member, are central to the breakup.
Mr Pickles said local authorities should look at the rulings of the Charity Commission, which in 1999 ruled Scientology was not a religion, and rejected its registration as a charity.
Summary: A Paris court convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud and fined it more than $900,000 on Tuesday but stopped short of banning the group as several prosecutors had demanded.
WASHINGTON * Wikipedia, the user-edited Internet encyclopedia, has banned the Church of Scientology from editing entries about the controversial religion.
PROTESTERS took to the street to campaign against controversial plans by the Church of Scientology to open a new headquarters in Birmingham.