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a new religion founded by L

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For more information on Scientology, visit or the Scientology Network on DirecTV channel 320, or streaming at or apps at AppleTV, FireTV, and Roku.
These statements are further supported by Scientology blog The Underground Bunker, which covered the recent L.
A tweet on Sunday from the Scientology TV account says, "It's time for us to tell our story."
It provides a good deal of information about Scientology and it allows spokespersons for Scientology to offer explanations of their practices and to deny what others say about the negative aspects of Scientology.
One of the first journalists to take on Scientology, in the early 1970s, was a young freelance writer named Paulette Cooper.
She added: "I think celebrities are more inclined to be egocentric and Scientology caters for that - you're your own God.
The former head of the Task Force, Ursula Caberta, has labeled Cruise "an enemy of [the German] constitution" and has not so subtly likened the Church to the Third Reich, calling it a "totalitarian organization that seeks to control everybody else, a dictatorship." Hers is a view that an overwhelming number of Germans seem to share: A 2007 poll found that 74 percent favor banning Scientology. The German equivalent of the FBI, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the Bundesamt fur Verfassungshutz, or BfV), has been monitoring Scientology since 1997.
Later in the day, he tweeted: "Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop.
Worship "The Church of Scientology is not a registered charity.
"Scientology can no longer hide behind freedom of conscience," she said.Aa
While Wikipedia aims to be a site for "neutral" information, Scientology entries have been slanted to fit particular views and partisans on both sides have "resorted to battlefield editing tactics," according to the arbitrators.
Around 70 placard waving members of a group called Anonymous, many of them wearing full gowns and masks, gathered outside the Church of Scientology headquarters on Ethel Street, on Saturday.
At a press conference for the film, the 26-year-old former Dawson's Creek actress, who was raised a Roman Catholic, was asked if she was getting into Scientology.
Yet one widely used school program concludes by having students applaud Scientology founder L.
Some public schools in California are providing an anti-drug program that reflects the teachings of the Church of Scientology, according to a report by The San Francisco Chronicle.