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conforming with the principles or methods used in science


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The theoretical analysis and generalization of the data from scientifical and methodical literature, carried out in the given research, show us that for training in performance sport, at present conditions, both the problem of the specialty training position and that of a much more effcient organization and training management during the training and competing season aren't studied enough.
Betonas su Kedainiu chemijos gamyklos sieros atliekomis [Sulphur concrete with sulphur waste of Kedainiai chemical factory], in Proceedings of the Republic Scientifical and Technical Conference "Achievement of Building Sciences and Application Their Results", Vilnius: VISI, 8-9.
Global world environment at the end of XX and at beginning of XXI century, is characterized by the scientifical and technological progress, which is escorted by constant and dynamical changes in the socioeconomic processes.
our best hope for the future is that wisdom-the scientifical spirit, the reason may establish a dictatorship in man's mental life"--Freud;
Naturally, ancient people had no scientifical proof that a foetus was a human being: it was only a logical conclusion drawn by common sense.
development and scientifical fundamentation of new mentioned abordation from this paper;
Thermovision is the scientifical discipline which measures the temperature of objects without direct contact with the mentioned object (without mediating of other bodies) by using the equipment for thermovision.
We coundn't find any scientifical articles where EMG signal would be analyzed by nonlinear dynamical measure Shannon wavelet entropy.
Propulsia si circulatia autovehiculelor pe roti, Scientifical and Pedagogical Publishing House, Bucharest, 1987;
In the future, we hope that this study will serve as a basis for various investigations with regards to scientifical studies, development of ecotourism and planning of the ACNP.
2009), General principles of ergonomics with direct application in welding engineering, Scientifical Bulletin of the POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara, Transaction on Mechanics, tom 54(68), fasc.
Duh Anthem; Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band's "I'm an Indian Too," Harlem Disco Inclusiveness Anthem; Armand Van Helden's "Flowerz," Reformed Boyfriend House Anthem; DJ Mujava's "Township Funk," South African Scientifical Anthem (SASA); Richard Havens' "Going Back to My Roots," Kids & Parents High Five Anthem.
De esta manera se propone el uso de frecuencias dentro de la banda ISM (Industrial, Scientifical, Medical), ubicada entre las frecuencias 2400 Mhz y 2500 Mhz, por motivos de futuras compatibilidades con WI-FI (estandar 802.
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