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Austrian physicist who discovered the wave equation (1887-1961)


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A conventional choice c = 1, which is arbitrary and lacks physical justification, signifies that some amplitude function [psi](r,[theta],[phi]), as solution from the temporally independent Schroedinger equation with m=0, appears in a real form, whereas most must be complex; with a mathematically valid alternative choice c = i, some amplitude functions would be entirely imaginary but most would still be complex.
Las nociones de distancia y duracion habrian de contemplarse tambien con este nuevo trasfondo, y posiblemente entonces obtendriamos una justificacion para esa no localidad cuantica que tanto perturba la ortodoxia relativista, asi como tambien para la paradoja EPR y la del gato de Schroedinger.
En este aparto se aplican las ideas precisadas en los anteriores apartados al caso de las teorias de principios (principios matematicos), teorias que contienen leyes o principios teoricos, como: las leyes de Newton, la ecuacion de Schroedinger, el principio de relatividad, el principio de seleccion natural y las leyes de la genetica mendeliana.
He is recipient of the 1991 Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science, the 1994 Noranda Award of the CSC, the 1999 Queen's University Prize for Excellence in Research, and the 2000 Schroedinger Medal of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists.
The physical pole (reflecting actualizations of the potentia defined by reduced-form solutions of the Schroedinger equation) describes the evolution of system from an initial state to a final state, entailing the integration of antecedent data with respect to the matrix of potential forms of definiteness.
I have observed the process in Ireland for the past half-century, having been myself part of the brain-drain process twice, and having also participated (for a time in the 1950s) in a creditable attempt to reverse the process by networking the fringe with the core, initiated in the context of the work of the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, founded by Eamonn de Valera in 1939 as a haven for refugees from Fascism, of whom the best known is perhaps Schroedinger.
Only two scientists, William Clifford and Nobel Laureate Irwin Schroedinger have proposed a successful origin of matter and the Natural Laws based upon waves in space.
Podria entenderse que hemos llevado a cabo una investigacion de la ecuacion de Schroedinger, sustentada por cierta perspectiva teorica y cierta metodologia, cuyo resultado es una determinada interpretacion sociologica de la ecuacion.
Major contributions include: a widely used fundamentally based description for flame propagation in spark-ignition engines; an influential outlook on world energy consumption, resources and sustainable solutions; performance analyses of urban waste-to-energy power plants; the invention of a nonlinear equation containing the Schroedinger equation of quantum physics as a special case and extending this realm to the broader domain of quantum thermodynamics of irreversible processes; the coauthoring of an authoritative reference textbook on the foundations of thermodynamics and its engineering applications.
The best popularizers of science have mostly been great scientists themselves: Einstein, Schroedinger, Feynman, Hawking are all examples.
El ex dirigente del movimiento estudiantil del 68, Luis Gonzalez de Alba, nacio en Charcas, San Luis Potosi (1944), es autor de los libros Los d[as y los anos (1971), Cielo de invierno (1999), El burro de Sancho y el gato de Schroedinger (2000), entre otros.
At the moment the murder took place, Schroedinger showed little reaction.
Y es posible afirmar que estas se desmoronaron frente a hombres como Einstein con su teoria de la relatividad, Schroedinger, Eddington, Louis de Broglie, Bohr y Heisenberg.
Referencias misticas y religiosas no son extranas a los postulados de un Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schroedinger y Wolfgang Pauli, entre muchos otros fisicos y matematicos (1).