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a large beer glass

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sailing vessel used in former times

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All on the Mary Turner, fore and aft, lined the rail and stared down apprehensively at the leviathan that was as long as the schooner.
Several times, in the course of an hour, during which the schooner and the two whales drifted farther and farther apart, the calf strove vainly to swim.
The captains of three trading schooners returned with him to Lord Howe.
The village would have done for him, had it not remembered the lesson of the three schooners.
He accepted the presence of the inquisitive schooners on the horizon as a compliment to his powers.
And, indeed, to a landsman the nodding schooners around seemed run from the same mould.
You have many schooners, and traders in far islands, and I have heard of a great contract you have signed to recruit labour for the German plantations of Upolu.
My captains made faster runs than ever and earned bigger bonuses, as did my supercargoes, who saw to it that my schooners did not loaf and dawdle along the way.
We got the schooner ready for sea, intending to leave next morning at daylight.
At the same time, the schooner began to turn upon her heel, spinning slowly, end for end, across the current.
Then I realized that I was in that little hell of mine again, now half swamped; and looking back over the gunwale, I saw the schooner standing away from me, with the red-haired captain mocking at me over the taffrail, and turning towards the island saw the launch growing smaller as she approached the beach.
And whenever a longshoreman remembered something against a scow- schooner sailor, or vice versa, or an oyster pirate remembered or was remembered, a fist shot out and another fight was on.
And all the while, rolling, plunging, climbing the moving mountains and falling and wallowing in the foaming valleys, the schooner Ghost was fighting her way farther and farther into the heart of the Pacific--and I was on her.
Such time as he could find from the many duties which had devolved upon him in the matter of obtaining and outfitting the schooner, and signing her two mates and crew of fifteen, had been spent with his employer's daughter.
I shall go down to Sydney on the next steamer, and I'll come back in a second-hand schooner.