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a ship used to train students as sailors

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At prep school she was awarded the Anthea Cadbury Jubilee Scholarship and also a Lea Schoolship which was linked to the 11 plus.
The following extract from Juliet Ludbrook's Schoolship kids of the Blue Funnel Line demonstrates many of the characteristics that make oral history interviews such an effective tool for researchers.
1] Ludbrook, J Schoolship kids of the Blue Funnel Line Western Australian Service Perth, Black Swan Press 1998 p66
He had watched her launching on the River Conway as a boy and was the last to command her HMS Conway - the last of a series of vessels used as stationary schoolships for Britain's Mercantile Marine Service Association since 1832 - passes under Menai Suspension Bridge in the care of tugs towards her moorings off Plas Newydd, seat of the Marquis of Anglesey.
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