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United States geologist and ethnologist and explorer who discovered the source of the Mississippi River (1793-1864)

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Schoolcraft said that ultrasound-guided embryo transfer helps clinicians avoid difficult transfers, minimizes contamination with blood, facilitates proper placement of the catheter tip, and minimizes the stimulation of uterine contractions.
His personal relations became strained, and Schoolcraft became his enemy.
Moreover, Schoolcraft College has hosted two MIIIE conferences over the years, which have attracted hundreds of community college faculty interested in global education, and currently, we hold an institutional spot on the board of directors.
As a result of the break, a number of water mains near Schoolcraft and Stark, I-36 and Farmington, and Schoolcraft and Middlebelt dropped water pressure across the city.
"Maintenance is about customer service," says Schoolcraft, Chestnut Hill Realty's Service Manager for Waterfall Hills.
New programs at Oakland University and Schoolcraft College, both in Michigan, are emphasizing partnering with industry and engaging students through hands-on experience with plastics machines.
Fard-Hajian was an electrical engineering student at Schoolcraft College in Michigan for the last two years.
(AP) -- When voters turned down a $600,000 request from Schoolcraft College in the fall of 2015 by a few hundred votes, things looked bleak for Schoolcraft officials' plan to improve the school's infrastructure and move forward on new buildings on campus.
It was not until 1820, however, that the general public found out about them, after Henry Rowe Schoolcraft visited the region and "some of the most sublime and commanding views in nature."
Schoolcraft - Richard Lee Schoolcraft, 75, of Eugene died July 29.
Rural portions of Edwardsburg and Schoolcraft, along with other parts of southwest Michigan, joined the big cities of Atlanta, Charlotte and Kansas City today in having gigabit speed Internet service available.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 1, 2015-Huron Capital's XLerate acquires Schoolcraft
Peoples Federal operates four full-service offices in Michigan, with two offices located in Three Rivers and offices at Schoolcraft and Union.
"I can't say enough about (Cavaioli),'' Nashoba coach Chuck Schoolcraft said.