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a child's sudden fear of attending school

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To better understand factors that facilitate or contribute to school refusal behavior, and increase comparability across disciplines, researchers have hypothesized an Interdisciplinary Model that addresses both proximal and distal factors that contribute to a youth's absenteeism (Kearney, 2008).
School refusal is happening when a child has major difficulty attending school, associated with intense emotional distress.
When her sister Claire was three months pregnant, Sophie even kicked her during a violent outburst, just missing her stomach and hitting her hip, something Bernadette describes as "out of character" as she had always been "a pleasant child" before her problems began with agoraphobia and school refusal began.
A spokeswoman said: "For dyslexic learners who have maths on top of reading problems, it's a 'double whammy' that can even lead to school refusal.
Studies dealing with school refusal (SR), which is a short- and long-term stressful condition for both parents and school personnel, have been reported in the literature since the last century.
She explains the academic discipline of educational psychology, how to read journal articles, then research and interventions at levels of the classroom, whole-school, and beyond the school in the areas of managing behavior, autism, school refusal, improving literacy, bullying, inclusive education, eradicating disadvantage in preschool, parenting children with developmental disabilities, and neuroscience and education.
Case 2: RtI Framework Made Room for the Effective Treatment of School Refusal
Along with describing inadequate interventions, the fourth chapter lists examples of negative outcomes (bullying, school refusal, addictions, early school leaving, suicide, and youth violence) that occur when students receive inadequate interventions to address barriers to learning.
Other symptoms include school refusal and concern that something bad will happen to parents or caregivers while apart.
Internalizing problems are identified as anxiety and depression and their subsequent manifestations of school refusal and absenteeism, somatic complaints such as stomachaches and headaches, impaired social function, and other depressive symptoms.
Chorpita, Albano, Heimberg, and Barlow (1996) illustrate the importance of identifying the function of a behavior rather than using the topography of a behavior to establish treatment options for school refusal of a 10-year-old female.
A IT sounds as if your son has school refusal, Mrs Parker.
Students who suffer from School Refusal Disorder should not be confused with those who repeatedly miss or are late for school because of disinterest.
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