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German chemist who discovered ozone and developed guncotton as a propellant in firearms (1799-1868)

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Each chapter is an encounter with a few particular examples of puppetry, sometimes from traditional forms, like Japanese bunraku or Sicilian rod puppets, and sometimes from innovative contemporary artists like Janie Geiser or Germany's Ilke Schonbein, who are exploring the boundaries of this world in new ways.
The history of ozone began in 1839, through the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schonbein, who initially identified its characteristic odor and began to investigate it.
Tuve que interiorizarme de la nueva quimica agricola en Alemania, especialmente Liebig y Schonbein, quienes en esta materia son mas importantes que todos los economistas juntos (Marx y Engels, 1972, t.
2]), o qual foi descoberto pelo pesquisador europeu Schonbein, que, em 1839, produziu ozonio sintetico a partir da eletrolise do acido sulfurico.
In his opinion, 'the new agricultural chemistry in Germany, especially Liebig and Schonbein .