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reflecting telescope that has plate that corrects for aberration so a wide area of sky can be photographed

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(2) Baker-Nunn 'cameras' (actually large, short-focus Schmidt telescopes designed to track fast-moving objects and standing almost two metres high and weighing nearly a ton!) were located in Argentina, Australia, Japan and South Africa.
In the same letter, Spencer Jones, positional astronomer that he was, expressed his wish for a Schmidt telescope, a wish that would be a recurrent feature of his correspondence for the rest of his tenure as Astronomer Royal.
Since these red- and blue-filtered images were taken from 1951 to 1991 with the 1.2-meter Palomar and UK Schmidt telescopes, he knew that the diffuse object would show up there.
With Celestron no longer manufacturing Schmidt telescopes and Epoch Instruments not servicing them anymore, my close friend Robert Goff (S&T: July 1997, page 76), who was a master optician, came to the rescue.
Based on new scans of existing plates taken by the 1.2-meter Schmidt telescopes on Palomar Mountain in California and Siding Spring Mountain in Australia, this version will include color information, but not proper motions, for all its stars.
Sinnott, David Tytell, and I detail more than six dozen of the largest current reflectors, refractors, and Schmidt telescopes on Earth.
The first half of this book discusses the principles of lens design, and the second features numerous astronomical optical designs, from achromatic and apochromatic doublets to Schmidt telescopes.