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reflecting telescope that has plate that corrects for aberration so a wide area of sky can be photographed

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The purpose of converting an SCT into a Schmidt camera was explained in terms of the length of exposure needed by astrophotographers to record satisfactory images of various objects.
The Centre's ability to search for NEOs received a massive boost in 2007 when the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University (the site of today's meeting) offered to donate a 61cm (24-inch) Schmidt camera which it no longer needed.
The father-and-son team Charles and Harold Lower were among the first amateurs to make and use a Schmidt camera.
This view was obtained at 17:49 UT on December 24th with the Uppsala Schmidt Camera at Australia's Siding Spring Observatory.
He often talked of getting back into the field, even purchasing a 14-inch Schmidt camera from Celestron that he never picked up or had delivered.
In the tradition of naming inventions after the inventor, this instrument is known as a Schmidt camera.
Epochal Survey Completed "For seven years, practically the entire observing time of the 48-inch Schmidt camera has been occupied with the sky survey financed by the National Geographic Society.
The author and his wife stumbled Upon this S-shaped asterism in Equuleus, which they designated As Levy 70, on photographs they obtained with an 8-inch Celestron Schmidt camera at their new home observatory in Vail, Arizona, North is to the left, and the field measures about 1/2[degrees] across.
Its telescope comprises a 20-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, a 20-inch Schmidt camera, and three 6-inch finderscopes of various focal lengths, all on a common mount.
I downloaded an image of HJ4714 from the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey--a database of digitized Schmidt camera plates available via the Anglo-Australian Observatory Web site.
Lower with their homemade 8-inch f/1 Schmidt camera. Coincidentally, Lower's Nebula is also located in Orion, at right ascension [6.sup.h] [08.9.sup.m], declination +15[degrees] 49' (about 17[degrees] north-northeast of McNeil's Nebula).
As part of our regular photographic search for comets, my wife, Wendee, and I aimed our Schmidt camera at the northern part of Corvus.
Together with the Shoemakers, DAVID LEVY operated Palomar Observatory's 18-inch f/2 Schmidt camera from 1989 to 1996.
He also traveled more and more--to China, where he used the 24-inch Schmidt camera at Beijing Observatory; to Australia, where he met with master astrophotographer David Malin at the Anglo-Australian Observatory; and to the United States, where, at Palomar Observatory, he embarked on one of his lengthiest and most ambitious professional assignments: to photograph all the major observatories of the world.