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a region of central Europe rich in deposits of coal and iron ore

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(21.) Ludwig Burgemeister, Der Orgelbau in Schlesien (Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Wolfgang Weidlich, 1973), 19.
Hedwig (Latin: Vita Sanctae Hedwigis or Legenda de vita beate Hedwigis quondam ducisse Slesie, German: Das Leben der Hedwig von Schlesien).
See Handbuch fur das katholische Schlesien (Munich: "Christ Unterwegs," 1951).
Continuing her studies with Garcia, over the next decade she would emerge as Sweden's first "superstar." Meyerbeer would compose an opera for her, Ein Feldlager in Schlesien (A Camp in Silesia) in 1844.
The chapter on L'Etoile du nord repeats the work's well-known history--largely based on the diaries--and its relationship with Ein Feldlager in Schlesien as a preface to short sections on such topics as the opposition between isolation and integration in the work or the central imagery of the Northern Star.
Mas adelante, su vida de Jesus--Leben Jesu in Palastina, Schlesien und anderswo (1925)--, verdadera amalgama de noticias autobiograficas y episodios selectos de los Evangelios, le reporto una condena del Santo Oficio.
erythrina Berg, 1933) in Schlesien. Vestnik Ceskoslovenske zoologicke spolecnosti, 17: 143-148.
The wagon-maker Tamm from Thuringen and the blacksmith Halbich from Schlesien are worthy of a niche in history.
Ein Konzentrationslager in Schlesien (Cologne, 1996), pp.
But even this lasted for only a few years: In 1985, Kohl personally intervened to have the motto for the twenty-first annual meeting of the Silesian expellees changed from "40 Years of Expulsion B Silesia Remains Ours" to "40 Years of Expulsion B Silesia Remains Our Future in the Europe of Free Peoples." By the same token, Herbert Hupka, the Chairman of the Landsmannschaft Schlesien, lost his safe seat on the CDU party list for the federal elections in 1987.
hierzu Jurgen Joachimsthaler: ,,Abschied von Schlesien. Schlesien in der Wahrnehmung der westdeutschen Nachkriegsgenerationen vor 1989".
Often enough, when the word "Germany" did not appear on the master printout, but some such term as "Schlesien" or "Elsass" did, the specimen had to shed its German affinities altogether - Schlesien, or Silesia, being now in Poland, and Elsass (Alsace) in France.