Schlemm's canal

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a circular canal in the eye that drains aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye into the anterior ciliary veins

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By autophagy, it may effectively cleanse the platelet clumps and lipid deposits in the trabecular meshwork and the Schlemm's canal that facilitates the easy drainage of the aqueous humor without increasing intraocular pressure.
The TRAB360 combines a custom access cannula, a soft and flexible trabeculotome with an atraumatic tip, and a control wheel that advances the flexible trabeculotome around Schlemm's canal.
SURGICAL TECHNIQUE: The iStent is preloaded in a single-use, light release force, sterile applicator with a secure, rotatable grip to facilitate manipulation and placement into Schlemm's canal.
Glaucoma develops in nearly 50% of cases, usually during early childhood or early adulthood, due to an associated angle anomaly or secondary synechial angle closured Schlemm's canal may be small or absent, development of trabecular meshwork is aberrant and extracellular matrix is altered.
The FDA has granted 510k clearance for the canaloplasty microcatheter for catheterization and viscodilation of the Schlemm's canal to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) in adult patients with POAG.
This covenant not to sue expressly excludes devices that drain aqueous humor to other locations such as into Schlemm's canal, aqueous humor collector ducts or channels, or implants that elute any drug or another therapeutic agent.
By disrupting the angiopoietin/ TIE2 signalling pathway in a mouse model of glaucoma, the mice could not generate Schlemm's canal, had elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) and went on to develop classic features of glaucoma.
The aqueous humor passes from the anterior chamber through the trabecular meshwork (the drainage system "filter") into Schlemm's canal that is connected to the venous system.
They also have a direct action by binding to receptors present on endothelial cells in Schlemm's canal, causing relaxation of intracellular tight junctions that eases the resistance to outflow.