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type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukes

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Predicting the effects of climate change on Schistosoma mansoni transmission in eastern Africa.
In other regions of the world, transmission seems to establish in non-disease-endemic areas; on the island of Corsica (France), several tourists have been infected with Schistosoma haematobium while bathing in local rivers (14).
Schistosoma mansoni is the major etiological agent of human schistosomiasis, for which the treatment is dependent on a single drug, praziquantel (PZQ).
Efficacy and safety of arachidonic acid for treatment of Schistosoma mansoni-infected children in Menoufiya, Egypt.
The effects of Nigella sativa oil against the liver damage induced by Schistosoma mansoni in mice.
2003) limited their study on larval predation to Bulinus forskali (intermediate host of Schistosoma intercalatum Fischer) and Biomphalaria pfeifferi (intermediate host of S.
Another study identified elevated titres of antinuclear antibodies in the sera of mice acutely infected with Schistosoma mansoni, five to six weeks after the onset of infection (22).
10) Other causal factors include chronic irritation, indwelling catheters, Schistosoma haematobium infestation, and pelvic radiation.
Influences of semi-synthetic diets, starvation and infection with Schistosoma mansuni (Trematoda) on the metabolism of Biornphalaria glabrata (Gastropoda).
Three major Schistosoma species can infect humans: Schistosoma haematobium (endemic in Africa and the eastern Mediterranean), S.
Developmental expression analysis and immunolocalization of a biogenic amine receptor in Schistosoma mansoni.
The parasites identified among the geohelminths were Giardia lamblia, Schistosoma mansoni and hookworm (Necator americanus).
The researchers analyzed samples from more than 300 children and found that 32 percent of kids who stayed home were infected with Schistosoma mansoni, a parasitic worm that can cause fever, blood loss and lethargy.
At minimum, students should identify Giardia, Schistosoma, Salmonella IV.