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Italian astronomer who first noted lines (which he called canals) on the surface of Mars (1835-1910)

fashion designer born in Italy who was noted for her use of synthetic materials and brilliant colors (1896-1973)

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Simon Sweeting, who stands Schiaparelli for Godolphin at Overbury Stud, said: "We were hugely concerned and upset by what happened, especially as the horse was by Schiaparelli.
Then miscommunication between the onboard navigational system and radar erroneously told Schiaparelli it was near the surface.
The investigative team learned that the separation between the Schiaparelli probe and the Tras Gras Orbiter (TGO) went as planned, as well as the atmospheric entry.
We will have learned much from Schiaparelli that will directly contribute to the second ExoMars mission being developed with our international partners for launch in 2020," David Parker, ESA's director of human spaceflight and robot exploration, (http://www.
Scientists believe that the Schiaparelli lander plummeted to the ground from a height of 2 to 4 km (1.
Schiaparelli successfully completed most of the foreseen stages of the long-awaited and critical 6-minute descent into the Martian atmosphere, such as the deceleration through the atmosphere, the opening of the parachute and the heat shield.
Schiaparelli was meant to test technology for a more ambitious European Mars landing in 2020, and scientists say the data it sent back before going silent will prove highly useful for that mission.
What happened to Schiaparelli is a highly sensitive issue, with a crucial Esa ministerial council meeting due to be held in Lucerne, Switzerland, in December.
But it looked increasingly likely that Schiaparelli had suffered the same fate as the British Beagle 2, believed to have crashed into the surface of Mars in 2003.
The Schiaparelli lander had yet to send a signal from the red planet last night after it stopped broadcasting 50 seconds before it was due to land on Wednesday.
Experts will work through the night to assess the situation" with the Schiaparelli probe, ESA said on its Twitter feed.
Scientists will be crossing their fingers as Schiaparelli flies itself on autopilot through the Martian atmosphere.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The European Space Agency in cooperation with Russia's Roscosmos is on track to touchdown on Mars for the first time in 13 years after the Schiaparelli lander successfully detached from its mothership.
There are also some Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali inspirations on the embellishments, the designer adds.
Cases in point were this pale blue chiffon Schiaparelli couture number on Mad Men's January Jones, below left, and this candy striped custommade Gucci confection on Nicole Kidman.