Scheldt River

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a river that rises in France and flows northeast across Belgium and empties into the North Sea

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More than 50% of all the diamonds mined in the world pass through this Belgian port nestling on the Scheldt River.
On May 10, 2001 the Court of Justice ruled against the Netherlands on account of its failure to adopt and communicate pollution-reduction programmes for 99 dangerous substances (as foreseen by the Dangerous Substances in Water Directive - 76/464/EEC) in the Scheldt river basin.
An unnamed major who led one of the squadrons was quoted as saying, "it was a joy ride all the way to [the French village of] Masnieres." Getting to Masnieres required negotiating two bodies of water: l'Escaut (the Scheldt River) and the Canal de Saint-Quentin.
On Day 7 of our pilgrimage we arrived at the Scheldt River after having spent the three previous days visiting some of Canada's WWI battlefields (refer to October 2008's Volume 15 Issue 9 for details on these memorials).