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a river that rises in France and flows northeast across Belgium and empties into the North Sea

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The contract concerns the transport of dewatered sludge using trailers and / or containers in the Upper Scheldt and Ghent Channels pelvis.
The new lock will be at the end of the Deurganck dock and will provide the link to the sea between the Scheldt and the Waasland Canal.
CONTACT: Jody Scheldt, Communications Manager, of Arkeia Software, +1-760-431-1319
But recent extensive work in the lower Scheldt Basin has yielded 78 radiocarbon dates from charred hazelnut shells on sealed wedand sites; this has enabled the construction of a reliable chronological framework, particularly for the Pre-Boreal and Boreal periods (Van Strydonck et al.
Transferred to Harwich after being damaged, she escorted convoys between the Thames and the Scheldt.
Prize-winning author and military historian Mark Zuehlke presents Terrible Victory: First Canadian Army and the Scheldt Estuary Campaign: September 13--November 6, 1944, the grim true story of the First Canadian Army's deadliest battle of World War II.
The projects will improve water quality in the main towns in the regions, have a directly beneficial impact on the Sambre, Scheldt and Meuse rivers and raise the quality of bathing water on the Belgian and Dutch coasts.
ABSTRACT Pacific oysters were introduced into the Eastern Scheldt in 1964 for breeding purposes.
Seventy-five years ago, there were over 50 breweries in Antwerp, Belgium's second-largest city, which lies in the northern part of the country along the River Scheldt.
Outstanding pieces in Istanbul by artists who would be (and in some cases have been) at home in Venice or Kassel included Belgian artist Jan Fabre's installation of bathtubs and owl sculptures (The Scheldt, 1989), British artist Damien Hirst's claustrophobic office, and Polish artist Mariusz Kruk's furniture crucified by hardware.
In the same areas, cockles (young clams) are also produced, at a rate of about 7,000 tons a year; and there is some limited oyster breeding in the Scheldt estuary.
Contract notice: Transport of dewatered sewage sludge - lower scheldt basin.
For that purpose a high-voltage electrical cable could be drawn under the Scheldt river toward Eeklo or Zandvliet in the port of Antwerp.
The increase in scale demonstrates the great confidence that the port of Antwerp inspires following completion of the third round of deepening of the river Scheldt.
TRN is a crude oil refinery located in the Zeeland region of The Netherlands on the river Scheldt.