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large genus of shrubby and climbing tropical plants having showy digitately compound foliage

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Yasunaga, 28[male]31[female] (00379374-00379393) (AMNH, TYCN); Ishigaki Island, Omoto-Takeda, on flowers of Schefflera octophylla, 28 Nov 2001, T.
However, while Bigger Thomas (the main character in Wright's novel) and his folks live in a dilapidated, rat-infested, ghetto apartment, Earle lives in a decent, comfortable, middle-class apartment: "Light pours through the apartment window over the large schefflera leaves; it fitters past [the plastic models of a] P38 Mustang and the four-stage Estes Saturn 5 rocket.
Schefflera is particularly effective in increasing humidity.
Selection: Good trees for beginners include ficus and schefflera for indoors and "Green Mound" juniper, "Trident" maple, and Chinese elm for outdoors.
antaresensis) and Schefflera as important swamp forest components.
PRIZED for its tough shiny foliage, which radiates from a central point like the spokes of an umbrella, Schefflera actinophylla is a rather elegant houseplant.
Water trickles into a tiny goldfish pond shaded by gigantic travelers' trees and a schefflera, which has grown from the little potted plant Tony's mother gave him when he opened his store to a 30-foot-high tree.
Some plants adjust to seasonal differences, but plants that prefer direct light - asparagus fern, coleus, jade plant, schefflera, snake plant, Swedish ivy - should be moved to a south window where more light enters when the sun is low on the horizon.
18 Aquifoliaceae Ilex cymosa 19 Araceae Aglaeonema minus 20 Aglaeonema simplex 21 Pistia stratiotes 22 Araliaceae Schefflera avensis (Miq.
Apart from Hydrocotyle-Trachymene and Harmsiopanax, Afro-Madagascan Schefflera is the earliest diverging clade among the rest of Araliaceae, dating back to the early Eocene with a stem age of c.
One of them was comprised of Schefflera morototoni and Copaifera langsdorffii, which toucans exploited mostly in the dry areas.
SOFT LIGHTING Lowvoltage fixtures set the wall and fence aglow, helped by votives hung from the fence and Indian lanterns in the schefflera tree.
Acute and sub acute toxicities of the saponin mixture isolated from Schefflera leucantha Viguier.
Deeper inside the tent, 20-foot-tall emerald palms, ficus trees, and lush schefflera plants stood tall.