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delight in another person's misfortune

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Our study also focuses on fan reaction to the death of a sport figure; we aim to provide insight on Schadenfreude among sport fans in terms of fans actually experiencing pleasure at a perceived rival's death.
Indeed, there is no English equivalent for schadenlfreude, which means "shameful joy" in German; a state of being that Smith attributes to people's tendency to not want to acknowledge their own schadenfreude.
So while we still dislike schadenfreude, please don't think bad of us as we chuckle over his current plight.
I am willing to bet that there is more schadenfreude in a Los Angeles or New York block than there is among all of our Teutonic brothers across the Atlantic; the only difference is that they acknowledge it with a term unique to the German language and we hid behind the lack of an English translation and pretend that schadenfreude doesn't exist.
P&F is no exception and in this spirit we spent a morning of agreeable schadenfreude, nibbling unhealthy additive-packed (probably GM) snacks and idly reviewing the Why I Love Organic campaign, for which we pitched and, fortunately, lost.
But as Orin Starn reports, Woods' undoing opened the floodgates for long-held racial animus and not a little bit of schadenfreude, exacerbated by an irresponsible media and its insatiable public.
01%), this timely and involving documentary elicits both sympathy and schadenfreude, as Greenfield regards her all-too-vilifiable subjects with a complexity that should impress viewers of all economic and political persuasions in this Magnolia pickup out of Sundance.
A response to global challenges based simply on schadenfreude may promote a short-term sense of well-being, as people often like to think how lucky they are to have escaped a mess that originated elsewhere.
Next, they rated their level of agreement with five statements meant to gauge their schadenfreude, such as "I enjoy[ed] what happened to Marleen or Mark" and "I couldn't resist a little smile.
Among specific topics are the behavioral genetics of human pair bonding, motivational aspects of future thinking in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, neural correlates of the competitive emotions envy and schadenfreude, extrinsic effects and models of dominance hierarchy formation, and insights from evolutionary game theory into complex social cognition and the appreciation of social norms in psychiatric disorders.
Schadenfreude is a German word that does not have an exact English translation, but has been translated as "malicious glee or gloating.
After all the years of abuse the Grand National festival has taken over the years, I have to admit to feeling a little schadenfreude when I read the news about how badly behaved some people had been at what is supposed to be the poshest race meeting of them all.
Few things would give the Irish more pleasure than putting a spoke in the wheel of Martin Johnson's sweet chariot and sending it careering into a ditch, so expect schadenfreude to be the order of the day at the Aviva Stadium.
Schadenfreude, or rejoicing in others' misfortunes, is abundantly evident in responses, blogged and otherwise, to the bad/sad news about the decline of the famed Crystal Cathedral, a mega-church founded in the mid-1950s in California.
The question remains, what long-term gain could there be, apart from the frissons of schadenfreude felt in lounges across the country?