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delight in another person's misfortune

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com/8301-17852_3-57518387-71/googles-motorola-goes-after-apple-maps-in-new-ad/) Google and Motorola , and many people may be enjoying their schadenfraude by dogpiling on Apple, which is fun since the company typically gets nothing but praise.
THE comedian Jasper Carrott once observed that the Germans actually had a word for the enjoyment of other people's misfortunes: schadenfraude.
Indeed you will bump into your bully in Tesco years later, and grin a satisfyingly eventoothed smile of pure Schadenfraude to see them looking more haggard and hopeless than those bleachhaired banshees with 17 children on Jeremy Kyle.
Yet England fans indulging in a shriek of schadenfraude chortled too soon - for they were about to suffer one of the most prolonged periods of missed opportunity in rugby history.
There may also be a psychological explanation - his every move is scrutinised by those with a keen sense of rugby schadenfraude.
Jon Phelps of Celtic Manor reckons there is amusing schadenfraude potential.