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Synonyms for scatology

something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency

Words related to scatology

a preoccupation with obscenity (especially that dealing with excrement or excretory functions)

(medicine) the chemical analysis of excrement (for medical diagnosis or for paleontological purposes)

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Scatalogical content is a staple in satirical and parodic verse, where the pseudo-shocking notion that female bodies, too, engage in excremental activity is a conventional revelation.
Theater 13 - "Homage to a Catalonian Christmas": Some festivities in this Spanish region have a scatalogical nature (6 minutes); "River Ways": A collage of personal perspectives concerning the proposed removal of four dams on the Snake River (90 minutes).
Modern readers tend to assume the Greeks simply had a scatalogical sense of humor.
Tuesday's strip, with a scatalogical [sic] joke, exceeded the boundaries of good taste for the comics pages.
The return of America's champion absurdists Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman - aka Dean and Gene Ween - with another 12 scatalogical outings mixing up everything from country instrumental (Ice Castles) to punk-thrash (Stroker Ace) to Led Zep-grunge (Pandy Fackler) to fop-pop (Stay Forever).
Leafing through the professional literature leaves the distinct impression that travel research has a decidedly scatalogical bent.
Do The Tunnel's sexual perversities and scatalogical obsessions, its typographical acrobatics and irrepressible wordplay, not to mention its many limericks composed on the tortured, in any sense redeem the moral sensibilities that have been raped by the Holocaust?
Hamilton persuasively argues that West picked up her explosive style from genres like the Dime Museums, curiosity shops in which freaks and murderers were regular fare, and burlesque, a raunchy revue combining scantily clad women, obscene props, scatalogical jokes and lurid double-entendres.
On the other hand, Gelber's competent survey of Mozart's lifelong penchant for self-ridicule and scatalogical fun begs its own question.
And a line by Kerouac: "infantile pile-up of scatalogical buildup.
And we know, without being told, that Lizzie's dark man is a figment of her mind; that the scatalogical burgler who fouls Old Borden's bed is none other than Lizzie herself.
This was rather gross contemporary slang for a homosexual -- a reference which the character underlines with a barrage of scatalogical jokes.
A traveller in 1881 in New Mexico is repulsed by Indians who drink urine and the incident acts as an induction into a discussion of the scatalogical in Rabelais.
18) See Sarat Maharaj, "The Orgasmic Smile, Satire, the Scatalogical," in Exteriors Interiors Objects People, pp.
They said the European drawings use less words, have a greater variety of styles and shapes, and are more scatalogical, among other things.