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a stock character in commedia dell'arte depicted as a boastful coward


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the long-togged scaramouch the Town-Ho's company told us off" Stubb here alluded to a strange story told of the Jeroboam, and a certain man among her crew, some time previous when the Pequod spoke the Town-Ho.
We are giving the firstWelsh performance of another local composer's work, Ian Morgan-Williams, called When I Wake Up Dancing, and are performing Milhaud's Scaramouch for saxophone with the soloist being another local girl Caroline Tate-Lovery.
Behn effects a splitting of audience perspective from the very beginning of the play, when Scaramouch announces that the characters have agreed to stage a farce which will involve the deception of Doctor Baliardo (Behn 1917: 399).
His Studs Lonigan trilogy convinced me there was more to literature than Scaramouch.
The Harlequinade, as it had developed, was again a stylised entertainment which included several obligatory characters including Harlequin himself, Scaramouch, Columbine, the country farmer and his wife and several performing animals such as dogs and ponies.