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small class of bilaterally symmetrical marine forms comprising the tooth shells

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Whether they gathered food in scaphopod fashion, or filtered particles from the water column, remains a matter for further investigation.
Similarly, in non-gastropod mollusks, like the scaphopod Dentalium, deletion of the polar lobe results in the formation of four equal quadrants (van Dongen and Geilenkirchen 1976a,b).
The material collected is the most complete record of the macrobenthos inhabiting a Canadian high arctic fiord: polychaetes, molluscs (gastropods, bivalves, scaphopods), crustaceans (amphipods, cumaceans, isopods, shrimp), pycnogonids, bryozoans, and echinoderms (echinoids, holothurians, ophiuroids) are represented in the collections.
The macrofauna is mainly represented by hexactinellid and lithistid sponges, scleractinian corals, bryozoans, brachiopods, tube-dwelling polychaetes, molluscs (gastropods, bivalves, cephalopods--nautiloids--and scaphopods), arthropods (crab claw fragments), echinoderms (crinoid stalk fragments, plates--ossicles--of asteroids, and spines and test fragments of echinoids), shark teeth, turtle plates, as well as sirenian vertebrae and ribs (Figs.
Geology and paleontology of Canal Zone and adjoining parts of Panama (Additions to gastropods, scaphopods, pelecypods: Nuculidae to Mallaeidae).
This group includes the scaphopods, gastropods, polyplacophorans, chaetodermo-morphs (= caudofoveates), and non-protobranch bivalves.