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Using minnow traps, the class worked at both Dave's Pond proper and Scaphiopus Pond.
The herpetology class heard approximately 15 calling at Scaphiopus Pond on May 3, 1972, and 4 to 8 calling two weeks later on May 17.
Whitaker's herpetology class reported gray treefrogs calling at Scaphiopus Pond on May 16 and May 17.
The 1972 herpetology class reported hearing this species at Scaphiopus Pond on many days between March 4 and May 8, with "numerous" individuals present on March 4, 8, and 28.
Whitaker's herpetology class found chorus frogs calling in large numbers, estimated several times at 100 to 200, at Scaphiopus Pond from March 15 to April 14.
In 1972, Whitaker's herpetology class heard crawfish frogs on March 21 and found individuals at Scaphiopus Pond on April 14, 17, and 21.
In 1972, the herpetology class reported calling by the green frog at Scaphiopus Pond on May 16 and 17.
In 1972, Whitaker's herpetology class heard leopard frogs calling at Scaphiopus Pond from April 10 to April 21.
On March 7, 2002, Whitaker heard 2 wood frogs calling just south of Dave's Pond, a few at Scaphiopus Pond, and a chorus of about 20 wood frogs at Areolatus Pond.
This species is known at Dave's Pond from only one specimen taken on 5 May 1966 (ISU 1513) on the Rio Grande Road, between Scaphiopus Pond and Areolatus Pond.
Helminths of three toads, Bufo alvarius, Bufo cognatus (Bufonidae), and Scaphiopus couchii (Pelobatidae), from southern Arizona.
Endoparasites of Scaphiopus hurterii and Spea bombifrons from Marshall County, Oklahoma.
Low elevation Middle elevation (n = 50) (n = 23) Taxon Mean SE Mean SE Scaphiopus couchii 1.