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(psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to a power of the stimulus intensity

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* The effect of both channel aging and Ricean factor on the power scaling law is presented.
The proportionality constant and the [alpha]-exponent of the scaling law b([pi]; t) [varies] [t.sup.[alpha]] areanalysed; theauthors argued that the evolution of b([pi]; t) is independent of the viscosity of its outer fluid, changing only the proportionality constant by a factor roughly equal to 1.5 and leaving the [alpha]-exponent unaffected.
In addition, [l.sub.min] [much less than] [l.sub.sub.max] is the necessary condition for the fracture length distribution to follow the fractal scaling law. [l.sub.min]/[l.sub.max] [much less than] [10.sup.-3] is used in the present study.
"We first derived the scaling laws that would explain these trends.
The isotropized versions of the subgrid eddy viscosities were then characterized by a set of scaling laws. Large-eddy simulations with subgrid models defined by these scaling laws (solid lines in Fig.
Step 2, hierarchical reconstruction: if the city-size or urban area distribution follows Zipf's law and the relationships between urban area and population size follow the allometric scaling law, we can reconstruct the hierarchy by organizing the cities according to the model of cascade structure, (1).
The two properties are just like the scaling law of interference range in the static channel.
The ratio between [N.sub.e] and [N'.sub.e] can be related to [phi] through a scaling law [51], yielding
(2003) A constitutive scaling law and a unified comprehension for frictional slip failure, shear fracture of intact rock, and earthquake rupture.
Finally, with the data sets related to field measurements of the parameters in question available, it was convenient to verify the existence of a scaling law, for both k and [n.sub.e].
To achieve anisotropic directionality, CVT uses a parabolic scaling law [20].
The power of -1/2 can be taken as a hypothesis of the strength-length scaling law. Ice breakage cases in Hailuoto suggest that [P.sup.*.sub.2] ~ 3 x [10.sup.5] N [m.sup.-3] at L ~ 10 km.
Following scaling law, the power supply voltage of CMOS has been reduced progressively down to approximately 1.0V at the 130nm technology node.