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of a triangle having three sides of different lengths

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Examples include entrapment of the lower trunk at the insertion of the anterior scalene muscle on the first rib (scalenus anticus syndrome), entrapment by a crossing cervical rib (cervical rib syndrome), (10) and compression by subclavian artery aneurysm.
Falla D, Jull G, Edwards S, Koh K, Rainoldi A (2004b) Neuromuscular efficiency of the sternocleidomastoid and anterior scalene muscles in patients with chronic neck pain.
The thoracic outlet is the opening between the scalene muscles and the rib cage.
Neural elements were identified adjacent to the scalene muscles, and the probe was moved downwards in a para-sagittal plane towards the clavicle.
Roos, who described the transaxillary approach for surgical relief (1), wrote extensively about the role of anomalous scalene muscles in initiating muscle spasm and the resulting symptoms (2).