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a variable quantity that cannot be resolved into components

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It will be scalar because we will leave it to Intel to build the best scalar processor they can," said Goh.
Coupled with computations in the same instruction bundle, the result is both dramatically higher performance and dramatically lower power consumption compared to the same task being run on a conventional single-issue scalar processor with only a traditional system bus interface.
SGI says that "significant financial development support" will come from several government agencies, including the National Security Agency, to help it develop the next generation SV2 vector and scalar processor.
Each CM also includes fast SRAM and registers that are shared between the Scalar Processor and the Vector Processor to allow data formatting, scalar processing, and vector processing to take place simultaneously.
The 10-petaflop "Keisoku" supercomputer, slated to become operational in 2012, will now be based on scalar processors from Fujitsu.