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where [alpha] is a non-zero scalar function and A is a non-zero 1-form, then V is called a torse-forming vector field [14].
This paper deals with nonlinear integral inequalities which involve the maximum of the unknown scalar function of two variables.
and [pi] is an 1-form on G, and [alpha], [beta], [gamma] are scalar functions and K is a constant.
2 Pullback of a distribution on R along a scalar function
1 there exists a scalar function [kappa](s) such that
Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be p lines in a combinational circuit C implementing scalar function f, and let note with [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] local functions of these p lines.
A gradient image, in fact the norm, is a scalar function with values in the reduced interval [0;1], i.
The idea is to treat each color component (red, green and blue) as a scalar function defined on the base mesh V[T.
The vector characterisation could then be translated into a single-valued scalar function, T.
For instance, suppose that we have written a scalar function abs(x) that returns the absolute value of an integer.
OUTER JOIN, DateTime, and Scalar function macros in SQL queries are supported in ODBC drivers.
Let f:XRR for an open interval X is a scalar function and consider that the nonlinear equation f(x)=0 (or x=g(x)) ,where g(x):XRR, then we have a new second order iterative method [18]
This means that the scalar function [LAMBDA](r, t) is a wave traveling with speed of light.
The two objectives are combined in a scalar function that is further minimized or maximized inside a suitable search domain, taking into account the imposed constraints.