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Therefore, according to this solution with the constants obtained, the gravitational, electromagnetic, and scalar fields of a charged spherically symmetric object are completely determined from the charge and mass of the object.
The resulting formulation was shown to be identical to prior published research, with the notable exception that certain scalar fields not considered in previous work were identified to not impact the field recovery process.
The procedures that the above four models commonly follow in the explanation of the SNeIa measurements include the following four steps: (1) Modifying the FE with an appropriate input of [LAMBDA], scalar field, perturbation, or external energy; (2) Determining the expansion rates (Hubble parameter) of the universe according to their modified FEs; (3) Submitting their expansion rates into the [D.
It also produces color graphic representations of various data types, including vector and scalar fields, shapes, curves and markers, and generates a screen animation of a succession of color maps.
The studies explore mesh editing with an embedded network of curves, stochastic microgeometry for displacement mapping, curvature-based energy functionals, and subdomain aware contour trees for time-dependent scalar fields.
Some theories predict that alpha will vary in the presence of exotic scalar fields like those that are invoked to help unite the Standard Model with Einstein's theory of general relativity that describes gravitation.
Suggesting all types of scalar fields to be similar in physics and addable, we obtain the total scalar field in or around a type II superconductor,
The technique also can be used to show regions of str ong correlation between the flow velocity mechanics and scalar fields of interest (for instance, the interaction of the temperature field and the velocity field for heat transfer problems or the fluid mechanical to electrical field interaction in magnetohydrodynamic flow applications).
The solution proposed is to implement techniques that selectively reduce the proportion of the data returned for analysis by an intelligent and automatic pre-selection, automatically and transparently exercise data compression methods, and present compact alternative representations of features in vector and scalar fields.
Scalar fields are forms of energy that often appear in theories of physics that seek to combine the Standard Model of particle physics with Einstein's general theory of relativity.
Among these there is the possibility for D-branes to morph into other D-branes of different dimensions by exciting some of the scalar fields [2, 3].
Casimir energies for massive scalar fields in a spherical geometry.
From the standpoint that non-minimally coupled scalar fields to gravity appear to be the current direction mathematically.
Two well-established procedures in medical imaging produce extensive scalar field data.