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a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore

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The post Saxophones have the sweetest sound appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Of special note were the Six Brown Brothers, a group of six musicians, playing saxophones ranging from soprano to bass.
When I present clinics for middle and high school saxophone students, I am often greeted by music teachers who lament the state of their saxophone section.
They managed to retrieve the computer and one of Rob's saxophones, but the thief had already stolen two other saxaphones, the couple's tablet and desktop computers, Jenny's handbag, purse, camera and diary, and had also taken their keys after rifling through their coat pockets.
Other recommended Midland gigs this week:Friday: The Arabella Sprot Quartet - Arabella on tenor saxophone, Steve Tromans on piano, Alex Phillips on bass and Ric Yarborough on drums - is at the Symphony Hall cafe bar for the Jazzlines Free session at 5pm.
BRUSSELS (AFP) - Adolphe Sax, who revolutionised music with his invention of the saxophone, is finally getting the recognition he is due in his native Belgium, 200 years after his birth.
Summary: The introduction of the saxophone into the classical idioms of the Middle East and North Africa is not a new phenomenon.
A TOP saxophone player who has worked with some of the world's biggest names gave pupils a day to remember.
The all-women Giocoso Saxophone Quartet, which has five members, are planning to make music as they join the 2k route for the event at Cannon Hill Park on Sunday.
Since that first tenor sax mouthpiece, the company has created 26 different models for all types of saxophones and has quickly become known worldwide for its quality.
He is now director of marketing for saxophones at Conn-Selmer Inc.
Latin big bands of the 1950s and 1960s, --which featured a complete brass section of five saxophones, five trumpets and five trombones--due in part to the economic factors related to their performances, bands got smaller overall, downsizing to a few trumpets and trombones, and a baritone sax or flute in some cases.
Ros Sexton, from music instrument manufacturer Trevor James, said: "Abi alrweady plays one of our baritone saxophones with the band.
It is not a great work, but it has an attractively exotic quality and it is interesting to hear a piece composed before saxophones became associated with jazz and vaudeville.
The ring itself never touches the reed or the mouthpiece and is available in two sizes: small, for soprano clarinet, and soprano, alto and slim tenor saxophone mouthpieces; and large, for all saxophones and bass clarinet.