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a French marshal who distinguished himself in the War of the Austrian Succession (1696-1750)

an area in Germany around the upper Elbe river

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But while David Saxe seems to argue that a knowledge of and reverence for the past is the essence of citizenship in the United States, NCSS argues for more.
Predicated upon this legal analysis, Justice Saxe concluded that:
But at a preliminary hearing Mr de Saxe was told that Miss Sheridan had been so mentally affected by her boss's actions that she was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder that made her unable to take action earlier.
After Petri, the longest-serving elected official in Elk Grove history at 40 years, announced last month his decision not to seek re-election, both Schmidt and Saxe said they began to ponder a run for the board.
Saxe, 60, a veteran party activist and one of four Democratic National Committee members from Massachusetts, is no ordinary delegate.
Saxe Communications Enteral Nutrition and Hydration in
Although the Attorney General, Robert Abrams, was not a party to the suit, at the request of Justice Saxe, his office submitted a letter citing both existing case law and public policy in supporting the conclusion that "both shareholders and rental tenants are entitled to remain as rental tenants after a foreclosure."
One case was decided by Justice David Saxe, Supreme Court New York County (Prudential Insurance Company of America vs.
Saxe barred a non-buying tenant's group from privately suing a Sponsor to block a conversion, (Ansonia Tenants Coalition vs.
Everyone in the stadium thought the Vikings would run out the clock when sophomore quarterback Ryan Saxe dropped back and connected with Jack Hipchen for a 93-yard scoring strike.
"Judge Saxe said let them submit and then let the Attorney General review the amendment to declare it effective," he said.
It was graduation day Friday for Ryan Saxe and Fremd Friday in Palatine.
He was named vice president of IT services after the IT portion of his accounting and technology business, Saxe and Associates, was acquired by Doceo.
EB Development still has plans to build an outlet mall along the 12th Street Extension and Saxe Gotha Drive in Cayce and is continuing to show the property, the company said.