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a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore

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Marion Meadows -- who, as one critic wrote, delivers a "sweet and funky soprano sound" on his saxaphone -- will open the show April 22.
Maracle provides vocals on the album, plays the Mohawk flute and the saxaphone.
Trouble began when saxaphone player Annabelinda - Musician A.
It is a great night that reminds me why wanted to play the saxaphone.
The horn-playing Peruvian has ruled out the chance of a celebratory duet with team-mate Dion Dublin on the saxaphone.
30pm with a concert of triple harp, saxaphone and song followed by dancing at the Springfield Hotel near Holywell.
Robert Young, a senior at the South Carolina's Governor's School for Art and Humanities, currently studies saxaphone with Clifford Leaman.
They're a sort of traditional early form of Scandinavian saxaphone.
I was flexible and athletic, and I played the clarinet, piano, and saxaphone.
New Orleans Saxaphone Ensemble / The Improvisational Arts Quintet] KyS also produced this recording.
It's a great LEARN THE SAXAPHONE instrument to start on and once you've got to grips with it, you'll be able to play soprano, tenor or baritone.
HIGH NOTE: Joe Gaunt, left and above, at the Liverpool auditions IN TUNE: Saxaphone player Joe Gaunt who has auditioned for Britain's Got Talent Pictures by KATIE LUNN
Raider left bottles behind but stole electrical goods, saxaphone and watch.
He'd played piano for five years, but when he turned 17, he requested a saxaphone as his birthday gift.