sawed-off shotgun

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a shotgun with short barrels

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46) The Court held that the NFA's effective ban on sawed-off shotguns did not violate the Second Amendment.
Without suggesting they needed to claim that, the Miller opinion asked instead whether banning sawed-off shotguns infringes the right to possess the kind of firearms the Amendment protects individuals in possessing.
The NFA prohibits the sale, manufacture, and possession of machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and bombs.
The weapons involved in these incidents, according to The Detroit News, included "155 handguns, 222 knives, eight sawed-off shotguns, and one hand grenade, not to mention innumerable wrenches, ice picks, razors, and brass knuckles.
Two men wielding sawed-off shotguns approached the unidentified victim.
Rodriguez had pleaded guilty to possessing sawed-off shotguns, trafficking in firearms, and being a felon in possession of firearms.
Miller, it upheld convictions for moving sawed-off shotguns across state lines.
In that case, the high court let stand a registration requirement for sawed-off shotguns.
Ten people were arrested on suspicion of felony offenses, including possession of rock cocaine and marijuana for sale, possession of illegal sawed-off shotguns, and possession of firearms by felons.
According to court documents, an arsenal of illegal weapons was located at the address, including two sawed-off shotguns with barrels less than 18 inches long, four rifles and ammunition.
Miller (1939), the Court ruled that a ban on sawed-off shotguns did not violate the Constitution because "it is not within judicial notice that [such weapons are] any part of the ordinary military equipment or that [their] use could contribute to the common defense.
Inside, deputies said they found more than $1,500 worth of methamphetamine and the firearms, which included two loaded, sawed-off shotguns and handguns near the narcotics.
Police found drugs and two sawed-off shotguns, Fitzgerald said.
Police also found two sawed-off shotguns, and two semi-automatic shotguns with their serial numbers defaced, Mr.
Law enforcement authorities said the proliferation of semiautomatic and automatic weapons and sawed-off shotguns mixed with vast sums of money at stake in drug dealing and other criminal activity and idealization of gangsters in movies and music have created ever more incendiary conditions.