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the fifth month of the Hindu calendar

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BEIRUT: Four indictments were issued by Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawan Thursday for suspects accused of belonging to terrorist groups, the state-run National News Agency reported.
Sawan added that Israeli soldiers fired sound bombs and tear gas at Palestinian civilians, wounding dozens but they didn't do any thing to settlers.
Sawan attributes the success of Ministry of Food to its founders, whom she says are all active partners and come from diverse backgrounds that provide unique strengths to the company.
The needs far exceed what we have in capacity," Islamic Relief USA's Omar Sawan told International Business Times.
MANSEHRA -- An amount of Rs 120 million has been transferred into the account of the district administration by the federal government, for acquiring land for the construction of an airport at Sawan Mera in Mansehra.
At about 8pm, a passerby spotted the silver vehicle, with a Sharjah number plate, in a parking area located in the Al Sawan area of Ajman.
Trouble started on Friday night when a car driven by Mohammad Bhura hit Sawan Valmiki, who was on his motorcycle, in Talheri Chungi area near HAV Inter College.
However, the Saba state news agency, controlled by the Houthi movement in charge of Sana'a, put the death toll in Sawan district at 20 and said more than 50 people had been wounded.
Al-Khalifa and Sawan with senior officials of local SMEs, which were awarded contracts to become suppliers for the Pearl GTL project at Ras Laffan.
By participating in constructive dialogue and sharing our local and international experiences, we hope that we can contribute to improved practices and technologies in order to ensure the highest possible HSE standards across the oil and gas industry," Sawan says.
Earlier on Wednesday, gunmen stormed the Sunna Mosque, the biggest Salafi mosque in Sana'a, located in the Sawan area, claiming that they were looking for weapons.
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources clarifies that the suspension of Gas supply to CNG and Textile sectors was due to the technical problems in Sawan gas Field, source added.
The talking points recommended that Secretary Burns tell Sawan that the US government entities "share your party's concerns in ensuring that a comprehensive transitional justice process is undertaken to address past violations so that they do not spark new discontent.
Adam met, Sunday, the Chairman of the Libyan Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan.
The Muslim Brotherhood, led by Mohamed Sawan, and the National Forces Alliance (NFA), led by Mahmoud Jibril, met on March 14 for what appears to be the start of a broad-based national dialogue bringing together polarized political groups of the General National Congress (GNC).