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Synonyms for Savannah

a port in eastern Georgia near the mouth of the Savannah river

a river in South Carolina that flows southeast to the Atlantic

a flat grassland in tropical or subtropical regions


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1 million-square-foot facility at the Savannah River International Trade Park.
The new facility will triple our Savannah warehouse capacity by the end of 2018 and will be customized for rugs and furniture, said Darius Yaraghi, principal of Safavieh.
Safavieh has conducted business in the Savannah area since 2012 and cited the Port of Savannah as a key factor in choosing to expand Southeastern operations.
Set along an inland harbor where the Savannah River meets the Atlantic Ocean, Savannah boasts a riveting history.
Englishman James Oglethorpe founded Savannah in 1733.
Sherman spared Savannah on his March to the Sea during the U.
Woody savannahs include open forests; forested savannahs such as cerrado, miombo, and other similar formations; and shrub savannahs.
Trees, shrubs, and palms may be present in variable densities depending on soil depth and water availability, and they determine the difference between grassy savannahs and woody ones.
It shows a continuum ranging from 1) very dry savannahs on unleached eutrophic soils (nutrient-rich soils with soluble components that have not been separated out) situated on the edge of semidesert areas to 2) wet savannahs, generally on dystrophic, or nutrient-deficient, soils.
SAN DIEGO -- The WORLD'S FIRST retail establishment to exclusively feature and sell the exotic savannah kittens is proud to announce the opening of a new SECOND location in Del Mar, California.
The Savannah Cat Shoppe is home to the Guinness Book of World Record Holder, "Scarlett's Magic", who reigns as the "World's Tallest Domestic Cat" and featured in the famous 2011 Guinness Book.
When visiting The Savannah Cat Shoppe in Del Mar, people can view a variety of kittens, a large one-year old F1 Savannah (50% African Serval) and talk to Proprietor/Operator, Frank Hopperton about the cats.
With that in mind, some of the so-called major differences between grassy and woody savannahs become little more than interesting minor details.
In any case, Earth's grassy and woody savannahs form a splendid mosaic of landscapes-a mosaic that we have tried to capture through the use of selected photos.
Originally an Arawak word forming part of the common lexicon of the Taino and Carib Indians soon after the Spanish Conquest, the term savannah first acquired scientific meaning when it was used by late nineteenth-century German biogeographers such as August Grisebach and Oskar Drude.