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cooking in fat or oil in a pan or griddle


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For example, in "Rosa's Veal-and-Rice Croquettes," the instructions call for sauteeing "the garlic, onion, celery, carrot and peas until the vegetables are translucent.
Cold-pressed, extra-virgin gourmet tea oil can be used as a base for marinades, salad dressing, sauteeing, grilling and more.
Or is homosexual panic when you've invited 14 people over for Pride Day brunch and you've promised to make your famous free-range egg and three-cheese souffle and you set the alarm for seven so you can take the little boat across to the Public Market on Granville Island for organic veggies and fresh goat cheese and you spend all morning chopping, sauteeing and marinating all the ingredients just so, and everyone's waiting at the dining room table, a champagne and orange juice in hand and you've bragged to them all week about your famous free-range egg and three-cheese souffle and you go back to the kitchen and open the oven to discover your souffle has fallen over and is as flat as a pancake?
For six months or so, he made salads, then he began sauteeing.
Avoid sauteeing in butter - vegetables cook well with a good flavour when sweated in their own juices.
They are ideal for soups, steaming, sauteeing and baking in a leek pudding (which is today's recipe from Malcolm Brown, the head chef at Wallington).
While the mushrooms are sauteeing, make the dressing by mixing the fromage frais with the vinegar and mustard, and seasoning with salt and pepper.