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Swiss linguist and expert in historical linguistics whose lectures laid the foundations for synchronic linguistics (1857-1913)

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First records of the grasshopper Machaerocera mexicana saussure, 1859 (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from the United states and Sonora, Mexico.
Il s'ensuit que le signe, selon Saussure, se compose de deux parties:
Postmodern thinkers like Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida, whose complex ideas become accessible to the persevering student because they wrote to established rules, owe their seminal standing to classicists like Saussure. True, the future is not what it used to be, yet it remains rooted in the past, and this must be reflected in the present.
After bringing all collected nests to the Instituto de Ecologia (INECOL) laboratories for analysis, the contents of one nest of Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) mexicanum (Saussure) caught our attention.
The founder of semiotics, the study of signs in society, Ferdinand de Saussure noted that language is the most important framework through which individuals share common signs.
Chapter 3 examines Saussure's attempt to make linguistics scientific, and asks whether Saussure's more radical followers have interpreted him correctly on this point.
The first sphecine, Chalybion californicum (de Saussure), was collected on 30 May, and the last, Ammophila urnaria Dahlbom, on 10 October.
Quando Ferdinad de Saussure si e posto nella prospettiva di concepire il funzionamento intimo dei codici simbolici, e nel tentativo di inaugurare un nuovo quadro di riferimento per la linguistica moderna, si e trovato di fronte ad un problema per il quale nessuna unica prospettiva di analisi e studio avrebbe in se presentato "l'oggetto integrale della linguistica" caratterizzato, di contro, da un "ammasso confuso di cose eteroclite" (De Saussure, 1967: 18).
Revision of the subgenus Kappa de Saussure of Mischocyttarus de Saussure (Hym.; Vespidae, Polistinae, Mischocyttarini).